Istanbul Real Estate We restructured social media accounts of Istanbul Real Estate.
Istanbul Real Estate Dedicated to make your next home, your favorite home. Social Media

We managed social media accounts of Istanbul Real Estate. In the project that includes restructuring of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, we restructured language and visual corporate ID for the brand. 

We prepared new post formats such as life in Istanbul, informative content about real estate industry and projects etc. to draw upper class segment who considers real estate investment in Istanbul and has tendency toward luxury consumption. We preferred English language to appeal target segment who lives abroad.

As result, in the project, which ran during the high season of real estate industry, Facebook page achieved 450.000 above reach with 30% increase and over 5.000 interaction with 19.4% increase organically compared to previous month. Instagram page gained 100+ followers with 302.5 score post interaction.  

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