Gymnasium We did the corporate identity design and online brand management of Gymnasium that serves as gym center.
Gymnasium Swifter, healthier, happier. Web Design, Social Media, Logo Design, Corporate Film, Video Series

Driven by the motto of Olympiad "faster, higher, stronger" - "citius, altius, fortius," the brand aims to offer a sports experience for a swifter, healthier and happier life beyond esthetical concerns. 

Gymnasium means open area where people gather to do gymnastics in Ancient Greece.  Driven by the brief and color pallet used in inner decoration of the gym center, we designed a logo for Gymnasium. To do so, we first analyzed logo prototypes and created a catchy logo far from cliched fonts and colors that are overused in the industry.

Inspired by the green of Ida Mountains and the blue of the Gulf of Edremit, we used the colors of green and turquoise in the logo. For the “wing” icon, Victory Goddess Nike who is the symbol of agility, Olimpiad and known with her wings in Ancient Greece has been our source of inspiration.

For the web site, we preferred a simple and modern one-page design with an embedded video that showcases equipment, indoor design and trainers of Gymnasium. We directed web site visitors to social media accounts with the icons located on the main page. 

We prepared content formats for potential customers, to be published on Facebook and Instagram accounts. With informative contents about health, sports and nutrition, we support professional stance of the brand; with “Meet Our PTs” videos, information about the use of gym center, announcement of training programs, before/after stories, we present the experience that customers will have in Gymnasium. In the meantime, we aim to raise brand awareness among potential customers with Facebook and Instagram campaigns. 

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