TGL Tet Global Logistics We did online rebranding of TGL Tet Global Logistics that serves in bulk chemical transportation and chemical tanker cleaning industries.
TGL Tet Global Logistics Quality in Chemical Logistics. Web Design, Content Management, Corporate Film, Photography

Based on the brief, we positioned TGL Tet Global Logistics, which runs liquid chemical logistics operations across Turkey and Europe, as a qualified service delivering firm. To do so, we relied on “qualified, safe and eco-friendly” keywords, accepted valuable in the industry.

In order to introduce the firm to its potential customers on online platforms and in fairs across Turkey and Europe, we emphasized the scope of service, operations and principles of TGL Tet Global Logistics in the film. Plans showcased tankers on road, filling & evacuation processes of chemical liquids and tanker cleaning & treatment operations and were shot in Osmangazi Bridge, Dilmak Chemical Tanker Cleaning and Treatment Plant, and Solventaş. Film was dubbed and subtitled in Turkish and English.

Driven by the corporate color scale of the brand, we applied a modern style in web site design prepared in Turkish and English languages. We designed About us, Services and Announcement pages in order to inform visitors about the corporate ID, policies, services and news about the industry and firm; Inquiry and Career sub-pages under Contact page in order to encourage potential customers and employees to contact the firm. Having taken photos for the web site and written SEO-friendly content, we produced the whole content specific to the firm.  


Currently, we enter monthly campaigns on Facebook and upload web site announcements in order to raise web site traffic and brand awareness among potential online customers.

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