Pakolino We give social media management service to Pakolino, which produces activity boxes for parents and kids between 3-7 years old to have quality time together.
Pakolino Box of fun, box of skill! Social Media, Viral Video, TV spot

We produce content for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts of Pakolino activity boxes designed for parents to spend quality time with their children between 3-7 years old. We aim to raise engagement in social media accounts with content formats specific to target audience. In this respect, we strive to strengthen the dialogue between brand and its followers with "do you know?" animated gifs, informative posts that include academic work about child development, DIY videos, quotes about child development / creativity, Q&A and lifestyle posts.

In TV spots, we emphasized the diversity of activity boxes, growing Pakolino family and the role of Pakolino within the time period parents and kids spend together.

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